Make your website interactive in 30 seconds

Create a fully working UI component and connect it to your third-party service in just a few clicks.

Preview UI as you edit it

Editor shows the exact same component your users will see. No more surprises!

Choose the integration that works for you the best

Not happy with a provider? Just pick another one with a single click. Your UI stays the same.

  • Email
  • Plausible iconPlausible
  • Buttondown iconButtondown
  • More integrations are coming soon
  • UI

Works anywhere

Works with any website builder or commerce platform you use (Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, Tilda and others). Loads instantly no matter where your users are located.

  • WordPress logoWordPress
  • Wix logo
  • Squarespace logo
  • Tilda logo
  • and others
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For businesses

Do you need to try out a new UI idea?

You can try it out instantly with Bolik.

Are you looking to integrate UI to third party services?

Look no further. We got you covered.

Are you stuck with an old site version that you can’t upgrade?

Bolik can help you to gradually bring it up to speed.

How do you continue after prototype phase?

All of our UI components and integrations are open source. At any time you can use and modify the code from the prototype.

Contact us if you need help developing custom components.

For individuals

Are you running a website that you want to make interactive? Use Bolik to add a contact form and other features in just a few clicks. No need to write any code.

For developers

Do you want to see how UI components and integrations are implemented? Check out this GitHub project. Learn about how Bolik works here.

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